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oH yeah i just remembered when my dad took the car in to fix the window that stephen kicked out, apparently he said “yeah my retarded son did that.”

Dad???? What the fuck???? Jesus fuck how dare you??? My mom said that my dad told her he said that, which idk why he told her, but i guess he did.

I just feel so bad for my dad sometimes. Not for shit like, because thats fucking offensive. But like, we were on a plane to visit Oberlin and he just out of the blue says to me “you know, if stephen were different, i wouldve told him that if you were to go out with a girl, and she was saying yes the whole night, but then says no at the last minute, you immediately stop”.

And he always gets so mad/sad we dont all eat at the dining room table, or that we dont all go out together as a family. And i feel that, but…

Dad this is our life, and youve had 16 years to be upset about it, and that we cant do things like most “”“normal families”“”“+ 1 million quotation marks do.

But it’s way past time to move on and make the best of what we have.

I dont even understand why we still try to have people, especially family, over to our house. Like it has never ever ended without my brother getting violent and destroying the house and us. And like we all try to tell family “dont come over, it is dangerous for everyone, just dont”, and they act like we’re making excuses not to have them over??? ?? Like we’re just being rude??? No, we are trying to keep everyone from getting hurt and having to call 911 good lord.

And my dad always acts so passive aggressive and snotty, like “oh its good we never have anyone over to see how shitty the house looks”. Dad you never even help clean up you just hoard everything or shove it into boxes. So i think he kinda guilt tripped my mom into saying yes, so…ugh.

BUT my aunt and uncle are still over, and they’re about to leave, and some cousins might be comong over, and shit is about to hit the fan at mach 5 soon. SO we’ll see if i still have all my fingers by the end of today.


surfin’ birds

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i hope iphone 6 is a flip phone

It’s 2 iPhones connected with a hinge and when you close it both screens smack together and crack.

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im afraid your son is completely obsessed with birds…we cannot bring him back…im sorry…he is a lost caws

past the point of no re-tern

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I don’t really think I’m that good at anatomy (or females) but this is quite a popular request so… I’m making a tutorial, and this is the part to show you what NOT to do with your fellow humans. More coming… eventually.

I suck at breast variations, but I try; see this page for awesome references: x

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